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Dental Implants FAQ

¿How much does a dental implant cost?

Having dental implants from a well recognized company, typically range from $850 to $950 for the first phase or stage. This includes a surgical stent, the dental Implant from a recognized brand (Zimmer or Nobel Biocare), surgical procedure, healing and temporary restoration.

The second and final phase (3-4 months later) costs approximately another $850- 950 per implant. This includes abutment, final crown and lab services.


¿How much time do I need to get an implant placed while I´m in Medellin?

You should plan between 7-10 days for the first stage. And 7-10 days for the the second stage. We do not recommend to have a surgery done and leave right away. A follow up appointment is strongly recommended to avoid any complications.


¿How much does a bone graft cost?

There are different types of bone grafting. A Sinus Lift is one of them. Depending on the particular case the sinus lift procedure can be done at the same time of implant placement using the implant drilling hole to elevate the sinus and place the bone graft. This type of sinus lift costs about $200-$450 dollars.

If the sinus lift needed is bigger and the amount of bone available is not enough to guarantee primary stability and placement of the implant, the bone grafting costs around $600-$900 dollars. A period of 5-6 months of healing is suggested before placing the dental implants. This means that if the bone grafting procedure is done alone (implants are not placed at the same time of the bone grafting) the implant treatment will involve 3 stages. One for grafting, one for implant placement and one to place the abutment and crown.


¿What is an abutment?

An abutment is a device attached (usually a screw) to the implant and connects the dental implant with the oral cavity. The abutment is what finally will hold the crown or bridge in place.


Dental Abudment – Dental Implants FAQ

¿If I need to replace a number of teeth do I need the same amount of dental implants to hold the teeth?

No. When 3 teeth need to be replaced, 2 implants can hold a 3 unit bridge. In some cases even two dental implants can sustain a four unit bridge.

The cost of the pontic or extra crowns is usually around $490.   So the cost of the two implants, the firs stage will be about $900×2=$1800. The second stage 3-4 months later will cost about $900×2=$1800 plus the extra tooth, which is about $450 each. Some dentists and patients choose to have one dental implant to replace every tooth missing. They simply do not want a fixed bridge in there mouth and they can afford the price of the treatment.

For a full mouth reconstruction 5-6 dental implants can hold a fixed bridge of an entire arch (all the upper or all the lower teeth).   This is an option for patients which already have lost all of there teeth or are going to loose them. There is a wide variety of implant/protesis designs. Some procedures are more simple and some are more elaborated using the latest generation of materials and technology. There are alternatives for every need and every budget.

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