Why You Should Choose Medellín Dental Solutions – Medellin Dental SolutionsWhy you should choose Medellin Dental Solutions

Medellin Dental Solutions - English Speaking Dentists Medellin

Medellin Dental Solutions - English Speaking Dentists Medellin

  • Because your Medellin dentist can explain, in fluent English, what your best options are and can answer any questions you may have about various dental procedures.
  • Because you want the knowledge, expertise, credentials, logistics and work ethics at a fair price.
  • Because our team of specialists are ready to provide you with excellent treatment, scientific knowledge and experience.   Our team work allows us to offer you integrated services for all dental specialties.
  • Because our modern dental facilities are designed for your comfort and relaxation so you will be in a pleasant, contemporary and clean environment.

We have a complete team of English Speaking Dental specialists that provide integrated services in all dental fields.

What it means to be a dental specialist in Colombia?

After graduating as a general dentist, a specialist attends a full time 2-4 year additional training program in a specific field of dentistry. This means the dental specialist is not only more knowledgeable but has more sophisticated equipment for providing a more professional dental procedure.

Does an “English Speaking Dentist” means a more expensive service?

We put a lot of effort in delivering the best quality in specialized dentistry at a fair price. You will find our prices to be extremely competitive compared to our US or European fellow practitioners.

Is the service we provide the least expensive in Medellin?

Since we use the best materials at every single step and the best possible lab as well, we can not be the least expensive service. In our dental specialists category, we are probably the least expensive ones. If you compare the cheapest dentist out there with us, you will be pretty much comparing apples and oranges.

What is it that makes us different from other dentists or dental clinics in Medellin?

We purposely try to find what is best for YOU, not what is best for us. We believe in a RESPONSIBLE, HONEST and RELIABLE PRACTICE that will provide you with the best dental services at a competitive price.

Most dental patients do not realize the amount of planning and coordination required for professional dental services in a mild to complex case in order to get positive long lasting results.

We have mastered and perfected the art of providing state of the art dental work in a short period of time. This certainly makes our dental practice different from anyone else in Medellin.

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