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Zoom Whitening Medellin – Best in office Dental Whitening in the world.

Offer you the better results in comparation with other whitening teeth whitening. This Whitening is designed to remove stains on the tooth enamel which is caused by food, drinks and tobacco in just one office visit.

What is ZOOM Whitening?

It is an office whitening procedure designed to patietns who want to see the best results in the shortest time possible. Zoom give a positive change on stains and improve the color of the teeth.

How does ZOOM  Whitening works?

The ZOOM Whitening works with a LED light which accelerate the procedure.

First, we do a dental cleaning and then we isolated the lips and gums to protect it from the gel that we put in your teeth and then we actívate it with the LED lamp. This procedure Will take 15 minutes before to be removed and then you can rest for 5 minutes to have the second cycle. This procedure is faster, and more effective that other whitening.

Zoom Whitening generates minimal sensitivity o less sensitivity

Philips Zoom with Relief ACP actually gives you greater luster and protects enamel.

Why do you choose Zoom Whitening?

   – Fast and confortable

   – Completely safe

   – Minimal sensitivity

   – A White smile, is a healthy smile

   – Performed by a Dental Professional

   – The best and safest results

Take the first step to feeling good and looking great by contacting us today. You owe it to yourself!

FAQ About Zoom Whitening in Medellín

¿How long does ZOOM Whitening take?

It’s  just one  appointment. It takes about 2 hours and includes: Cleaning and 2 cycles of whitening, each one is 15 minutes

¿How long do the results last?

The effects of ZOOM whitening should last for between 12 and 24 months.

We advise you to avoid anything too cold or citrics for 2-3 days since the teeth are sensitive and they are more likely to get stained. We advise as well to avoid any type of dark food such as coffee, Coke, tea, dark chocolate, red win, grapes and other artificially colored foods.

Rinsing regularly with a mouthwash with whitening effect can reduce the risks of staining, even after having consumed foods and drinks that may cause staining.

Teeth & gum may be a bit sensitive for a couple of days. This vary widely among patients. Remember to use the special tooth paste, using this kind of toothpaste for sensitive teeth may be helpsul as well.

Some dental offices in Colombia may advertise the use of Zoom whitening systems and do not have Zoom Advanced Power lamps or use the Zoom whitening gel or kit

How much the ZOOM Whitening Cost?

The package cost 850.000 Cop. If the payment is done in cash it’s 800.000 Cop.

Please watch the following video to better understand the advantage of Zoom Whitening.

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