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Medellin Dental Solutions is a dental practice focused on providing dental care to foreign patients seeking cost effective state of the art dental treatment and for patients looking for fluent English speaking dentists that can explain procedures in their native language.


Medical and Dental Tourism is a rapidly expanding market in Medellin Colombia as more and more visitors discover the quality and low cost of services compared to US and European providers.


Medellin Dental Solutions is a leader in managing the logistics of the visiting patient to maximize your time while in Medellin including, evening and weekend appointments, assistance with accommodations, transportation, translation and guide services, airport pick up/return and points of interest during your stay in Medellin.


There are a variety of reasons why people travel long distances for dental treatments. Some travel to find cheaper dental care associated with a vacation and are able to find quality services. Still others travel to seek the most experienced specialists for a given treatment. In some islands of the Caribbean for example, sometimes is difficult to find a well trained dentist with postgraduate studies and good experience in advanced dental treatments. Regardless of the reason, today in a more globalized world, traveling for health services appears to be a growing trend. Health tourism, also called medical tourism, is an option to be considered for many patients.

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About Juan Carlos Mejía DDS

Juan C (1)Juan Carlos graduated as a dentist from CES University, a highly recognized private medical school in Medellin. Later, he received a postgraduate degree in Prosthodontist from University of Antioquia, one of the oldest and most prestigious public universities in Colombia. Immediately after graduation started teaching as a professor at the dental faculty at the University of Antioquia and taught there for over ten years.


Also received training in surgical and prosthetic management of dental implants from the University of El Bosque in Bogota. He also attended many courses locally and internationally of continuing education to stay up to date with the latest advances in the field of cosmetic and implant dentistry.


On the past several years, he has devoted his practice to providing dental care for the health tourism/foreign patient and has perfected the logistics of this practice. He has over 20 years of experience and is committed to deliver the best treatment alternatives for each individual patient using state of the art technology and materials at a fair price. He and his team of English speaking specialists sure can provide the best quality/price ratio at a modern convenient location.


He has assembled a team of the most noted dental specialists in Medellin in various fields of dentistry to make sure the best possible integrated services are delivered in the different specialties of dentistry. He works also hand by hand with the best dental lab there is in Colombia making sure not only cosmetic but functional needs are meticulously achieved. At the lab and also at the clinic you will find the latest technology available today.


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